Croatia’s Tourism Boom Continues Postseason, Attracting Year-Round Travellers

In a remarkable upswing of tourist activity, Croatia experienced a surge in September 2023, welcoming 2.5 million tourists and recording 13.5 million overnight stays—an increase of 15 percent in tourist arrivals and four percent in overnight stays compared to September 2022, according to data from the eVisitor registration system. The country's Schengen Zone membership and transition to the euro have contributed to the influx of tourists, improving transaction convenience for Eurozone visitors.

Strong Performance in 2023

Compared to pre-pandemic levels, there was a significant nine percent increase in travelers and a five percent rise in overnight stays, as reported by the Croatian National Tourist Board. In the first nine months of 2023, Croatia welcomed 18.7 million travelers, generating 102 million overnight stays—an increase of nine percent in visitor numbers and a two percent rise in overnight stays compared to the same period in 2022.

Postseason success and anticipation for the future

Croatia's Director of the National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, emphasized the success of the postseason, noting a significant increase in guests compared to the previous year. Staničić expressed satisfaction with robust performance in European markets and notable growth in more distant markets, such as the United States, which saw a 33 percent surge in arrivals and a 25 percent increase in overnight stays in September.

Year-round destination strategy

Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, highlighted the strength of tourist numbers during both the postseason and pre-season, signaling Croatia's strategic move toward becoming a year-round destination. Brnjac is confident that the upcoming Tourism Law, designed to provide additional destination management tools for cities and counties, will contribute to Croatia maintaining its status as a year-round destination with enhanced competitiveness and sustainability.



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