Slovenia Records 1.6 Million Overnight Stays in September

8% more than last year

The Statistical Office of Slovenia recently released data indicating a noteworthy surge in tourism for September this year. The month saw around 668,000 arrivals in various tourist accommodation establishments, resulting in almost 1.6 million overnight stays. This figure reflects an impressive eight percent increase in overnight stays compared to September 2022.

Expanding the scope, the Statistical Office shared that Slovenia recorded 5,180,261 tourist arrivals in the first nine months of this year, marking a 5.1 percent increase compared to the same period last year when the country registered 4,927,460 million tourist arrivals.

Domestic and foreign tourist dynamics

Among the insights revealed, domestic tourists made up a quarter of the total overnight stays, with 149,886 arrivals and 405,019 overnight stays, representing a 5.3 percent growth compared to the same month in the previous year.

On the other side, foreign tourists dominated the scene, contributing to the majority of visits with 517,878 arrivals and nearly 1.2 million overnight stays. This marked an 8.9 percent increase from the same month last year.

Analyzing the origins of the guests, it was revealed that German tourists took the lead, constituting 23 percent or 267,500 overnight stays in September 2023, most notably in the municipality of Bovec. Other contributing countries included Austria at 9.2 percent, Italy at 5.7 percent, Czechia at 5.5 percent, the United States at 4.8 percent, and the United Kingdom at 4.6 percent.

Preffered destinations and accomodation preferences

Noteworthy destinations for domestic tourists included Piran, Izola, and Ankaran municipalities.In contrast, international tourists, intriguingly, spent a significant portion of their nights in Ljubljana, making it the most visited location for all tourists.

When it came to accommodation preferences, hotels remained the top choice, making up 43 percent of the total overnight stays, with tourists contributing to 689,200 stays. Private accommodation options, such as rented rooms and dwellings, followed at 23 percent, while camping sites comprised 14 percent of the overall stays.



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