Benefits of establishing a company in Slovenia

Opening a company in Slovenia presents numerous strategic advantages, making it an attractive business destination. Situated in central Europe, Slovenia shares borders with influential countries like Austria, Italy, and Hungary. Since joining the European Union in 2004 and becoming a part of the Schengen zone in 2007, Slovenia offers unparalleled access and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The first step in establishing your business in Slovenia is selecting the appropriate company structure. For new entrepreneurs, forming a private limited company (LTD) is a common choice, with a founding capital requirement of €7,500. Alternatively, a subsidiary, also an LTD company, allows the foreign company to act as a shareholder, streamlining the establishment process. Another option is a branch office, serving as an extension of the parent company, though limited to registering the same business activities.

One of the primary advantages of operating a company in Slovenia is its strategic location within the EU. This allows businesses to effortlessly engage with clients, customers, and suppliers across Europe. The use of a common currency in most European countries further simplifies trade. Additionally, non-EU citizens with Slovenian work and residence permits can travel within the Schengen zone without obtaining additional visas, enhancing mobility for business purposes.

The tax system in Slovenia is another compelling factor for entrepreneurs. With a corporate tax rate of 19%, calculated on an annual basis rather than per transaction, businesses benefit from a transparent and straightforward taxation structure.



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