Croatia declared 'best 7-day trip destination' in 2024

Croatia received recognition as the best 7-day trip destination for 2024 at the Travel News Market, a prominent business tourism event in Stockholm.

The award, based on research conducted by Travel News and Nordic Bench, highlighted Croatia's appeal among Swedish travelers. The survey, involving 1,500 Swedes, identified three traveler categories: those seeking value for money, those valuing safety, and those preferring luxury travel.

Croatia secured the title of the most affordable seven-day destination for 2024, triumphing over competitors like Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Albania. Kristjan Staničić, the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, expressed pride in the recognition, reinforcing Croatia's status as a significant player on the European tourist map. Vedran Sušić, director of the HTZ Representative Office for Scandinavia, emphasized the importance of the award coming directly from potential guests, highlighting Croatia's desirability among Swedes.

The Travel News Market, attended by the HTZ Representative Office for Scandinavia, provided a platform for engaging with partners, media, and industry professionals, marking another success for Croatia in the tourism sector.


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